When you purchase a service or class with me you agree with the following terms and conditions. I, Naomi Harel, am not a medical professional and my services do not replace medical care for humans, children, or animals. My services do not replace psychiatric care. My services cannot diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent an illness in humans, children, or animals. I, Naomi Harel, am not liable for any decisions made by you during or following a spiritual service or class concerning your health or your life in general, your child’s health or life in general, or your pet’s health or life in general. Everything discussed during our session is completely confidential on both parties ends. If you are taught anything during our session, the information is not to be repeated or replicated as your own. I am not responsible for your healing or health. I cannot guarantee results for you, your child, or pet. I do not offer refunds on any of my services or classes for any reason.

ThetaHealing® Sessions recieved with seminar tuition payment are never redeemable for cash and must be availed by the recipient within sixty(60) days.

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