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Naomi Harel, Certified Access Bars Practitioner

What do I love about Access Consciousness, and why was I inspired to study it after many years of focusing only on one modality?

About 10 years ago when I first heard of Access Consciousness, it really didn't resonate much. The Clearing Statement confused me, as it is intended to do. I judged what seemed at the time to be "strangeness" of it, and didn't think it could do much for me. A few years ago I heard of it again in a different context through different practitioners who have had amazing results with this modality. Being inspired, curious and always wanting to learn more, I booked a session and had wonderful clearings. I didn't come back to Access Bars until just recently.

When I wasn't able to do my usual trainings due to limited travel in 2020, I decided I wanted to look into Access Consciousness more. At this point in time, after learning to judge much less, I could notice a difference when using the Clearing Statement and now see how amazing it is for quickly creating new realities that the world needs so much of right now. Of course that same week I found a Bars class nearby. And within minutes after registering for the Access Bars class, I had a registration for a seminar I teach in my primary modality, giving me confirmation that both will continue to be important for me.

Access Bars is a process to clear away stress and trauma, described as a reset for the mind. Everyone experiences it differently. Dain Heer, the co-creator of Access Consciousness, got relief from feeling suicidal and was happy again after years of depression. Personally I found the process to be very relaxing, and I love that there is a simple way to work on PTSD during the Bars session.

I will be offering Access Bars sessions very soon.

Naomi Harel