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The books pictured below are some of my favorites from the Access Shop, where you can find these and other books and class recordings. Click here to go to the shop and browse, or click on the titles below.

In 2020, I found videos by Dr Dain Heer and Simone Milasas that amazed me and I was inspired to look into Access Consciousness again after years of avoiding it because that clearing statement was so weird to me. Those videos led me to Dain's brilliant 14 Days program and others that you can find on Dain's website. The 14 Days program, which is 20+ calls plus PDF's of all the clearings and homeplay, and it's an incredible value for so much of Dr Dain's work. I can't even quantify or put into words what a huge difference this program made for me in getting through all the crazy of 2020, and in being able to see the positives of the changes in the world and keep going in a good way.

Being You Changing the World Joy Of Business Blessed Possibilities How to Become Money Workbook by Gary Douglas Getting Out of Debt Joyfully Gentlemen's Club (Gentlemen's Club - Hungarian Version) Salon des Femmes

Do you see yourself continuing with Certified Facilitator training? I will be adding the list of prerequisite books and classes soon.

Naomi Harel