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During a ThetaHealing session we find the root cause in the subconscious of any problem or health issue, then clear it, and life changes.(remote or in person)

Animals respond amazingly well to energy work. Please also check with your veterinarian if your fur babies have any health issues. (remote session)

Learn ThetaHealing® for yourself With Naomi Harel, Certificate of Science and Master Instructor. Experience miracles, healing and amazing personal and spiritual growth (online and in person)

A communication session is sometimes what's needed to relieve your pet from stress or confusion to help them be their happy self again. (remote session)

Many people report feeling better, even relief from depression or more serious symptoms. What are the limitless possibilities for you with a Bars Session or Bars class? (in-person only)

If you could create your life any way you like, what would you choose? These sessions are about the energy and sometimes questions to facilitate more clarity. (remote or in person)

These sessions are about using any or all of the amazing tools of Access Consciousness to create a new reality. (remote or in person)

Four life changing days of working with the Access tools and body processes. (in-person only)

The Access Energetic Facelift helps the face and body to rejuvenate. (in person only)

Abuse hold sessions allow the body to release any stuck energy of abuse and stop creating life based on past abuse. (in person only)

The Access Body Processes work with your body to create more of the reality that you know is possible. (in person only)

Crystal layout sessions help you to get more clarity to resolve persistent issues or enhance the virtues already within your DNA. (in person only)

Miraculous coaching sessions based on the work of Kathryn Alice, author of "Love Will Find You," which has helped many people find love who didn't think it was possible. (remote or in person)

End self sabotage. Get your subconscious mind working with you to create the reality you want. "The Secret" works, but most people are missing the information they need to make it work for them. (remote or in person)

An amazing, in depth process for understanding behaviors and reprogramming the subconscious for miraculous change. (remote or in person)