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Right Body For You Intro-Spring, 2024

My next Foundation class- June 21-24, 2024

My next Bars class-May 19, 2024

My next Bars trades-Spring, 2024


Feel free to contact me and request dates if you don't see a class scheduled, for here in Greensboro or where you live

What is The Foundation class?

Taking the Foundation class is something you can do to keep going after Bars class, and a prerequisite for Choice of Possibilities and Body classes. It's four days of changing your life and creating a different reality.

Have you wondered what all those numbers are about? Or the Body Processes? Or how to get the energy pulls or other Access tools to work for you? Or why the people in the Access videos say things the way they do? This class changes things in your life if not your whole life, whether it's your first Foundation class or you're taking it again.

I had all kinds of new awarenesses come in after my first Foundation class which I took online. It was all kind of a blur after my first ever Bars class the month before, and then my first ever 3 Day Body class a few weeks after Foundation. What I know is lots of things in my life became easier.

After my second Foundation class, which I went to in person, I had body pain go away and had so much more knowing of how to ask better questions and use the tools we learn to create amazing changes.

What else is possible for you with Foundation class? Whether you choose it because you have to get the prerequisites, or you're choosing it because you choose it, I'm grateful for you. And what else can you get out of this class?

"It is about undoing the foundation of limitation that most of us have built our entire sense of reality on." - Dr. Dain Heer

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Naomi Harel