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Gift Certificates can be used for any service or class.
Select the value that you would like to purchase.

How it works:
-After your purchase is completed, a pdf of the gift certificate will be sent to your email that is used for the PayPal transaction.
-You can contact me after your purchase to email the certificate to someone else
-Please allow 24-48 hours or contact me before you make the purchase if you need to get it more quickly
-The gift certificate can be redeemed for any service or ThetaHealing class
-To redeem the gift certificate, contact me with the amount of the certificate and the service or class you'd like to purchase using the gift certificate
-If the purchased item is a greater amount than the certificate, I'll send an invoice for the balance left after deducting the amount of the gift certificate
-If the certificate amount is greater than the purchased item, a new certificate for the remaining balance will be emailed
-This is a great gift for you, another healer or classmate that you know is interested in the classes or services I offer
-Please only give this gift certificate to someone who is interested in energy healing

Gift Certificate - Buy Now
Click on the tiny white rectangle box below to select the certificate amount,
then click on the large button of your choice below to complete payment.

Naomi Harel

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