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Pictures from Left: with ThetaHealing founder Vianna Stibal and her dog, Boomer, at DNA4 class in Kauai, HI, Receiving my ThetaHealing® Certificate of Science Certification 2017 in Bogfork, MT, Right: with ThetaHealing® founder Vianna Stibal receiving my ThetaHealing® Master Certification 2016 in Bigfork, MT

Booking your ThetaHealing session
Sessions can be done in person here in Greensboro, NC, or by phone, or Zoom. My hours are Monday through Friday, 8am - 5pm, and a couple evenings have extended hours. I'm in the same time zone as New York. For any issue that's been troubling you for a while, it's probably best to start with a 60 min session. If you know you will want more than one session, the 5 session package gives you one session free.

You can select your appointment time from this page. The in Person sessions are at an additional cost due to my travel time and facility rental. Payment is required at the time of booking. If life happens and you need to reschedule, then at least 24 hrs notice is required before the scheduled session time. If you have already purchased your session time, or have bonus session time from a referral, please use the special booking link you received.

Any ThetaHealing practitioner who has attended any class with me within 3 years gets a reduced rate, my 30 min rate for a 60 min session as a student loyalty bonus. I'm also grateful for referrals. Anyone who refers someone to me who pays for a session or class will get bonus session time, 15 min per paid session referral and 60 min per paid class referral.

By making a purchase on this website you agree to the Terms and Conditions of Service.

ThetaHealing Session

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Preparing for your session
Please be sure to call or email if you have any questions before your session. Sessions can be done in person, by phone, or on Zoom. For a session from your home on the phone or zoom, please set aside a time and quiet space where you will not be interrupted. We might use muscle testing during the session, a way of communicating with the subconscious mind to see what it believes is true. As a practitioner, I'm taught how to get this information so muscle testing isn't always needed for a belief to clear or the healing to be effective. Sometimes it's helpful though to use the muscle testing to show when a change has taken place. If I ask you to do this during a session, all you need to do is stand up, close your eyes, and say "yes" and "no," then each statement out loud. After "yes" and "no" and each statement, you will notice if you body sways to one direction or another. It is telling you either "yes" or "no," based on what's in the subconscious. For a belief the subconscious thinks is true, it will sway in the "yes" direction. For a false, it will sway in the "no" direction. Be sure to drink enough water before and after the session and be sure you will not be interrupted during your session.

What to expect in your session
Everyone is different and results will vary from one person to another, but everyone will feel better after a session. Sometimes physical pain can go away. Its normal to get emotional, even angry or start to cry, when deep issues come up to be cleared, even if you didn't plan to work on it or even mention it. For some this is part of the healing process. Also it is normal to feel sleepy if you aren't used to being in a Theta brainwave state.

Healing and Belief Work
Belief work is an extremely important part of ThetaHealing. Sometimes this is the "surgery" that brings about physical healings. There's questions, discussion and energy/muscle testing during the session. The questions are not necessarily easy ones, and may even be annoying or seem sillly, but sometimes this is needed in order to clear traumas or find root causes of the most serious conditions to change them. For significant issues, please be aware that personal questions may be necessary. In our DNA we carry ancestral memories and beliefs going back several generations. Some are helpful and some get in the way of living the life we want and in those cases it is helpful to change them.

"Thank you so much! I feel so relaxed and at ease. I feel so much different from within. My frequency shifts and elvates. Thank you again."
B. F., Texas, USA

"thank you so much Naomi! My hand is feeling so much better. Not as sore, more flexibility."
K. S., Texas, USA

"thank you for that wonderful session. I happened to do a session for a friend today, it was soo different and so beautifully led through creators power. I feel myself so different post the session with you."

S. G., UAE

"I have noticed that the shackles of self punishment have finally gone and it feels amazing. I'm excited to see what transpires now and I'm just so glad I was able to let that go and love myself, another miracle!"
B. A., United Kingdom

"I am happy I feel happy and peaceful. You are a miracle worker. I feel myself again. I am loving life again. I didn’t notice that I was too depressed until I took the session and started seeing instant results. I was going through a phase of not knowing how to feel anything and was always crying. My intuition was blocked and I was feeling lost with a foggy memory. Now I feel better and sleep better. I started to see dreams and messages again. (Wasn’t all good dreams) however, I woke up energized and focused and lighter. I spent my day dancing, laughing, and enjoying my life. I enjoyed my time with my daughter like never before."
D. A., Saudi Arabia

"Since the last session something changed and I haven’t wanted to drink since then in the last 4 days… for the first time in about 10 years."
~R.D., PA, USA

"Naomi goes straight to the core of what need to be shifted with grace and power. I felt a shift happened very deeply. I feel joyful with no need for reason."
~I. R., Italy

"Naomi is a miracle worker who turned around my life. For three months I was looking around for the right place to work in which clients, other practitioners and I can each thrive in all aspects.
One day after doing a Theta Healing with Naomi, this job found me and it was better than I could have imagined. Within three days, two other excellent part-time jobs also opened up. I feel a huge shift in my relationship with “work” and abundance and more synchronicities have been happening ever since the session.
I would highly recommend Theta Healing with Naomi for anyone who may be having trouble finding abundance in their life and believe she could help overcome many other challenges. She definitely has the gift of being able to help facilitate a shift in the core issue behind the superficial challenge in a miraculous way. I am deeply grateful to her for being who she is."
~M.B., Greensboro, NC

"I was desperate to help my dog Lucy overcome her severe panic about riding in my car. We had tried 'everything' and her fear just continued to get worse. A friend suggested we try Theta Healing and I am so grateful we did. Naomi helped us to uncover and release the source of her trauma and to heal my own sorrow around that. First car ride (after the session with Naomi) was manageable. Second ride she actually lay down and rested for a time! That hasn't happened in years. Theta Healing works and Naomi is a loving guide."
~Satyavati D.

"My second session with Naomi allowed us to get a little more in depth with some of the issues I was dealing with. It wasn't easy... she worked deeper and deeper into my subconscious to help me identify and understand what holds me back from healing and moving forward. I had to trust the process, even though some things were not easy to admit or acknowledge had to be just that. Doing that hard work she helped me see that these fears, these bad experiences I've had, are part of the lessons I'm here to learn. And I can take those and see how they are making me change in so many positive ways. I've become stronger, a role model for my children and I've learned to honor myself. My learning does not have to come from painful experiences, I can learn my intended lessons from positive things. I'm a survivor, not a victim and with that I have virtues of courage, bravery, perserverance, friendliness, honor, respect, fortitude and strength. What I felt most moved by was when we retrieved my soul fragments- bits and pieces of my soul that I had given away through emotional charges. They were returned to me through my Creator after being cleansed and in turn, I released soul fragments that did not beling to me. I could sense motion sickness or seasickness as this was happening, actually feeling the energy changing. But I also had an incredible sense of overwhelming relief. I look forward to continuing my work with Naomi. I see such major changes in my life in a short time and so proud she has helped me in moving forward to bigger and more beautiful things the universe has in store for me. Thank you again Naomi for everything you are doing for me. The difference is truly incredible. I find myself smiling at nothing in particular throughout the day and I remind myself 'that's joy. It comes from loving, honoring and respecting yourself. And you are worthy of that.' "
S. Carpenter, Greensboro, NC

"I went into my first Theta Healing session with Naomi with an open mind. I knew things in my life needed to start changing, and I was responsible for those changes. During our session, I felt lightened, like burdens were being lifted not just from my shoulders but from my entire body, almost tingling. We worked through some difficult things for me, but ultimately, I felt like my worries, struggles and fears were lessened. Later that day, after feeling wonderful for hours, I suddenly had a sense of inner turmoil. The energy in my body was fighting... conscious vs. subconscious? I wanted to continue to the lightness and freedom introduced to me during our session and made a point to only think about that good feeling and eventually the sensation faded leaving only positive energy in me. I had a couple very difficult situations over the next couple days. In one, I found a new sense of confidence when dealing with a couple people who were choosing to be bullies. I went and purposely sat right behind them at an event (as a test to myself) and felt no discomfort or unease. In these unpleasant situations I just reminded myself "I am worthy" and "I am worthy of (my Creators) love" as Naomi had downloaded those energies. I was able to let go of negative feelings in both of these situations. It was so liberating. Not only did I feel changes within me, friends and colleagues noticed a difference as well. "You are smiling from your eyes." For the first time, JOY wasn't just a word on a Christmas card, it was truly a feeling I felt through my whole being. It is different than happiness, it's more, and I feel it. I feel joy. Thank you Naomi for introducing me to this amazing journey!"
S. Carpenter, Greensboro, NC

"I began my healing with Naomi after meeting her in a social setting, and being attracted by her positive spirit and encouragement. I entered a course of Theta Healing sessions with Naomi, and with her gentle guidance, patient listening and spirit inspired insights, I was able to confront issues stemming from my childhood that permeated my relationships with family and friends. I released doubts, negative impressions/self talk, and evolved to a deep love for myself and for others. I expanded my sense of connectivity and belonging in the world. I was able to illuminate my gifs and talents. I learned to relax and allow. An abundance of blessings has resulted, including an intense appreciation of others, more energy, more positive encounters with others, and a contented happiness in my heart. I am now at peace with those in my life who have transitioned from their earthly form. My life will never be the same. Working with Naomi was the best gift I could give myself."
Genia P., Kernersville, NC.

"Thank you Naomi for the amazing reading. I really felt connected during the session and that you were totally in tuned with my needs. Great things are happening since the appointment just two weeks ago. I will return for more growth and clearing!"
C. N., Rapid City, SD

"Thank you so much for yesterday's session. When I connected to Creator this morning, it was a deeper and more profound connection, I am feeling a huge difference. I am so grateful for this and I wanted to share this with you! Thank you and see you soon :)"
G. T., Miami, FL

"In my 4 package of sesions that I bought from Naomi I find her very honest, I felt like she was a great help to me and she really knew what she was teaching , I feel like I've grown a lot since the time I started doiing sesions with her and 2 hours after the last session I got accepted by a new job with increase wages and better working conditions , light and love to all."
J. S., Harmony, MN

"Lovey [family Dog] was all smiles when we got home. I feel lighter, too." M.A. Shannon

"I have noticed a difference in my arm since we have began. There is definitely an improvement with muscle strength in both the arm as well as the fingers! I realize exercising it is another great way to gain improvement, so i have been making an effort to make sure to exercise it as well. But i wanted you to know that i have been seeing improvement! :D"

S. Sparks
Greensboro, NC

"I contacted Naomi in hopes that through her, and the Creator, I may find healing for a rare birth defect that I suffer with. After initially speaking with Naomi regarding the condition, the first thing she told me was to replace the idea of it being a condition that I have, with the idea that it is instead side effects that I have. Simply changing the one word helped me to view the situation as more temporary and something that is able to be healed, instead of seeing it as something I must suffer with for life...
In our first session, Naomi began by directing me into what is called in Theta Healing as "The Seventh Plane of Existence", where she then performed a full (intuitive) body scan on me. After a minute or so she notified me about a couple issues that she found interesting and what they mean for me. After the body scan, we moved on to a series of muscle testing to test what kind of beliefs I hold at a subconscious level that may hold back any healing that can take place. We discovered many interesting beliefs that I hadn't previously fully understood before that point, and Naomi gracefully helped me work through the tough issues that I had troubles personally dealing with myself.
After only one Theta Healing session with Naomi, the days that followed I found myself feeling much happier and lighter in my everyday life! Like the great weight of the world was lifted from my shoulders, and a good majority of my stress was gone. I felt more filled with love and compassion as well as more at peace with the world than ever before, which also gave me more patience for my loved ones at home (which I'm sure my husband greatly appreciated!).
I greatly look forward to my future sessions with Naomi. With such great results from only one session, I can only imagine what can happen with more! I cannot wait to see what the future brings in my Theta Healing journey! Thank you so much Naomi!"
S. Sparks
Greensboro, NC

"I contacted Naomi in hopes to find healing with her through her role in Theta Healing. Earlier in the morning of the day of our session, I had a headache that went from mild to strong. I had not even mentioned this pain to Naomi during the phone consultation, however. In the mid of our session my head suddenly started tingling and felt somewhat light. Then, the pain vanished! It was amazing how easy and fast the relief was. I strongly recommend Theta Healing for everyone who is interested!

Thank you, Naomi! :)"
S. Sparks
Greensboro, NC

"Theta Healing is new to me and was brought to my attention through serendipity. Having a typically busy day, I was fortunate enough to meet Naomi at the downtown Greensboro studio where we both rent.
She caught me up on how she has been and mentioned her training as a Theta Healer. After questions and curiosities, she took the time (that I could CLEARLY see she did not have) to listen to me, ask questions, offer real solutions, and then finally an offer to allow her to use the process of Theta Healing on me.
With in moments of each step in the process, I felt healed. My emotional process was healed and that is saying something; in other words, my prayers were answered.
The most amazing result, BY FAR, is the fact that I slept very well and woke up early feeling awake. Then I noticed that my shoulder, wrist, and back pain was gone. I mean GONE! Mind you, my healing (which is non evasive nor requires anything other than some of your time and honesty) did not address my aches and pains at all....
So to wake up painlessly and without coffee was a WELCOME side effect and something for which I am so grateful for.
I will continue to see Naomi as a healer and an artist and a friend. I hope to learn more about Theta Healing processes and how I can make the transition toward more spiritual enlightenment. To do so will keep me healthy and well which allows me to pay it forward, making the world a better place.
Thank you, Naomi! Your genuine care and unconditional compassion came in the Nick of time, as I am certain the Universe intended!"

Mary Wall Johnston
Greensboro, NC

IMPORTANT: ThetaHealing® is never intended to replace medical or psychiatric treatment. Always continue to follow your doctor's instructions.


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