When you purchase a service or class with me you agree with all of the following terms and conditions:

1. I, Naomi Harel, am not a medical professional and my services do not replace medical care for humans, children, or animals. My services do not replace psychiatric care. My services cannot diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent an illness in humans, children, or animals. I, Naomi Harel, am not liable for any decisions made by you during or following a spiritual service or class concerning your health or your life in general, your child's health or life in general, or your pet's health or life in general.

2. Everything discussed during our session is completely confidential on both parties ends. If you are taught anything during our session, the information is not to be repeated or replicated as your own. I am not responsible for your healing or health. I cannot guarantee results for you, your child, or pet.

3. I do not offer refunds on any of my services, or classes for any reason.

4. If you request and accept a payment arrangement, you agree without exception that the payment arrangement constitutes a legally enforceable and binding contract to maintain and send monthly payments per the arrangement until the total amount due is paid in full.

5. New Covid 19 policies and risk management:

A. If you attend any seminar or session in person, you understand all risks associated with being anywhere in public with regard to covid 19 and that any communicable diseases can be contracted anywhere in public. You affirm you have not experienced any symptoms of covid 19 prior to registering for the seminar or booking your session, and will stay home and request to reschedule should you experience any symptoms of covid 19. If you have been in contact with anyone who is experiencing any symptoms of covid 19 after registering for your in person seminar or booking your session you agree to reschedule for after the recommended quarantine time or taking a test to confirm you are well and symptom free. You hold Naomi Harel and LiveYourMiracles.com harmless and free of any liability should you develop any symptoms of covid 19 after your session or seminar.

B. Covid 19 refund policy exemption: If you experience any symptoms of covid 19 after registering for a seminar or booking a session you will receive full credit for any deposits or payments sent, provided you have not yet attended any of the seminar or session, and may reschedule after your full recovery. If you have used any of your session time or attended any of the seminar before you experience symptoms of Covid 19 *and* provide a copy of positive Covid 19 test results you may then receive a *PRORATED* refund for unused seminar or session time. Refunds are never allowed for any services already rendered including sessions and seminars.

C. While you are responsible for making your own best healthcare decisions, you also agree that at all times you will respect the choices of others. Please be aware that the only mandates or local ordinances applicable to the operation of my business and/or attending my seminars or sessions in person have pertained to masks. This mask mandate may or may not be in effect at all times and that when in effect these mandates contain medical and psychiatric exemptions. During such times when the mask mandate is in place you will be expected to wear a mask unless you are exempt. Federal US law, specifically the HIPAA regulations, prohibits asking an individual about personal medical information including why they may be exempt from wearing a mask, therefore anyone who is not wearing a mask will be treated as exempt and will not be questioned. There may be others in the conference room or office building doing things differently than you. Whether you prefer to wear a mask and think everyone should wear one, or prefer not to wear a mask and think nobody should wear one, you will still be kind and respectful to everyone.

The facility where your session or seminar is conducted has been determined to be an essential business and as such has enacted strict cleaning protocols required since March 2019. Additionally, washing your hands regularly and often during the session or seminar is encouraged. Hand sanitizer containing alcohol and antimicrobial essential oils, tissues, and cleaning solution are available in the conference room during sessions and seminars. Hand sanitizer is also available in the lobby and sinks for handwashing are available in the break room and in several restrooms within close proximity to the conference room. You are welcome to bring any of your own preferred cleaning or sanitizing supplies to your seminar or session.
North Carolina coronavirus information: https://www.nc.gov/covid19
Guilford County, NC coronavirus information: https://www.guilfordcountync.gov