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Remote Crystal Viewing, or "Crystal Layout"
This technique is used in a few ThetaHealing® seminars. It was created by Vianna's friend Christina High. I received my certification for this technique in 2016. It allows us to go very in depth into our own past or future lives or into an ancestor's life.

Why is this important for the present time? In our other lifetimes we went through a lot of important lessons already, key lessons for our soul's healing and development. Our ancestors also learned many important life lessons and virtues. All of this critical learning can be witnessed in the sessions with the crystals, and then instilled in us for our growth and benefit in this lifetime. By bringing these lessons and positive qualities forward into the now, we may avoid learning those same lessons in this life in the form of a difficult lesson

These sessions are also ideal for clarity of past and future lives. Perhaps you've seen a glimpse of another one of your incarnations in a dream or meditation and want to know more. When you see part of another life, you just know it. Remote Crystal Viewing sessions are a great way to learn more because of the energy of the crystals allowing us to see very clearly and deeply into the lifetime. We can get the same detail or clarity of an ancestor's life, which is wonderful for people who want to know more about their family history, or simply want a better understanding of family patterns.

Remote Crystal Viewing Sessions
For the clarity or guidance you would like to receive in your life from your past or future lives or ancestor's life. Using very specific crystals in specific ways during this process allows access to past and future life memories. These sessions are enlightening, fun, and helpful for insight into life issues for resolving them more easily.
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