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Plant Seminar:
Online Spring/Summer 2024
(1 Day)
If you haven't found the seminar you need at a convenient time, please contact me to schedule other dates.
In the Greensboro area we are blessed with many beautiful parks and hiking trails. Within a 45-90 min drive we have many state parks with beautiful waterfalls and moutaintop views. Any of these choices are a wonderful setting to connect with the Second plane world of the plants.

Out of all the electives this is the one I had the least interest in taking at first because I'm not much of a plant person. I was amazed though, with the wonderful healing work that took place for me during this seminar. Since taking this elective and Plant instructor seminar, I have a new appreciation for plants and the few plants that I have are doing very well now.

From Vianna's website:This seminar is dedicated to the secret intuitive world of plants, trees and elementals and is an in-depthdiscovery of how to communicate with the plant kingdom of the Second Plane of Existence. The Second Plane of Existence teaches us to be in harmony with the plants, trees and elementals. Within this harmony, we learn the first lesson of how plants use light-energy to heal. Learn how to heal a plant and how to permit the plant kingdom to heal you.

Prerequisites: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper
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Seminar Includes: ThetaHealing® Plant Seminar Manual
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Plant Practitioner Certification Seminar

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