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Finally, it's here, Planes of Existence 2 Practitioners!

Planes of Existence 2 is an amazing course. There are 48 exercises, including rejuventaion and new ways of working with digging and crystals. The practitioner manual is 52 pages, and my instructors manual is almost 200 pages. We will go even more in depth to work with each of the seven Planes of Existence, and develop your abilities in a new way. And there is so much more to the class than that.
I'm so excited to be able to teach Planes of Existence 2 after an incredible instructor course in Kauai, Hawaii.

So far I have the class scheduled -
May 1-7, 2024 in Greensboro, NC

May 23-29, 2024 in Emerald Isle, NC
For the Emerald Isle class, the students who requested it also asked that Intuitive Anatomy be a pre-requisite. Also the area gets booked up quickly over Memorial Day weekend. If you're interested in this class, you'll want to book a place to stay ASAP. Neighboring towns such as Swansboro, NC may also be good places to look for accomodations.

June 10-17, 2024 in Bigfork, MT
This class is scheduled to have 1 day off, June 14. Class will be held in the evenings on the days of Planes and You and Earth Instructor courses, starting around 4:30pm and going until about 9:30pm. This will be flexible and start time is based on when instructor classes finish for the day. On the days off from instructor classes, Planes 2 hours are 10am -4pm. The class location is near Downtown Bigfork and very close to Flathead Lake Brewing company restaurant. If you're not renting a car, the bus from Vianna's class can drop you off in Bigfork. Other help with transportation may be available depending on where you are staying, just ask.

If you have any questions about the areas, or travel, I'm happy to help, please get in touch, Also if you're not available for the scheduled classes, please contact me to request dates or if you would like to host this class in your area in the US. If there are at least three students committed to taking the class, plus you can provide a quiet and comfortable class location, I can travel to you. Please contact me to schedule or for more information if you live outside the US.

Planes of Existence 2: 7 Days, In Person only
Basic DNA
Advanced DNA
Dig Deeper
You and the Creator
You and the Earth
Intuitive Anatomy
Planes of Existence
Basic DNA Instructors *or* Basic DNA Enhancement Seminar Part 1
Basic DNA
Advanced DNA
Dig Deeper
You and the Creator
World Relations
You and Your Inner Circle
You and the Earth
Planes of Existence
Basic DNA Instructor *or* Basic DNA Enhancement Seminar Part 1

All LiveYourMiracles.com Seminar packages include reduced Earlybird registration on all future classes and ThetaHealing session Student rate, 60 min sessions at the 30 min session price.

Seminar Includes:
Class manual, snacks, refreshments
Bigfork seminar also includes a light dinner

Early registration and Returning Student rates
June 10-17, 2024 Bigfork, MT $2222

Regular Registration, with less than 30 days before class
May 1-7, 2024 Greensboro, NC $1999
May 23-29, 2024 Emerald Isle, NC $2222

Complete your class registration here on ThetaHealing.com for Planes 2 in Greensboro, NC
Complete your class registration here on ThetaHealing.com for Planes 2 in Emerald Isle, NC
Complete your class registration here on ThetaHealing.com for Planes 2 in Bigfork, MT

Reserve your space for the seminar with the deposit or paid in full options. If deposit is selected, the remainder is due before start time of the seminar or by the Earlybird deadline for the Earlybird rate. The deposit portion of seminar tuition goes towards reserving the class location and is non-refundable.
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Planes 2 Registration and Tuition Payment
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I also want to pass on to you that upon return from North Carolina a few people (they didn't know where I was but noticed my absence) approached me. One stated "you look so healthy and relaxed", another one "you look so happy", and one exclaimed with total sincerity "you look younger, what did you do?". And I can confirm that upon returning and 'recovering' from the trip and letting the material settle in, that's exactly how I felt, and (mostly) still feel.

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