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I'm very blessed and grateful to have been able to attend ThetaHealing® Instructor trainings at least once a year, in person or online for regular and online instruction, since I first started taking instructor classes in 2014. Pictures from left- right, Feb 2023 with ThetaHealing® founder Vianna Stibal and her dog, Boomer at DNA4 practitioners in Kauai, HI, July 2021, with ThetaHealing® founder Vianna Stibal at Planes of Existence 2 pPractitioners, Aug 2018, with ThetaHealing® founder Vianna Stibal at Planes of Existence Instructor Seminar Graduation, with ThetaHealing® founder Vianna Stibal at Growing Your Relationships 2 Instructor Graduation in Playa Del Carmen, MX, 2017, with ThetaHealing® founder Vianna Stibal receiving my Certificate of Science certification, with ThetaHealing® founder Vianna Stibal receiving my ThetaHealing® Master Certification

If the seminar you want to take doesn't have a set date or you need a different date, just ask for the dates you want! Email Naomi(at)UnderstandAnimals(dot)com or call 336-701-0177.
You may decide to take a class based on the topic, but each class is so much more than that. All ThetaHealing® courses are opportunities to clear away beliefs and other blocks that have held you back in some way.

All LiveYourMiracles.com ThetaHealing seminar packages include Earlybird reduced registration rates on all future classes with me and ThetaHealing Session Student Rate, a 60 min session at my 30 min session price.

Online Classes!
Being able to teach classes online is super exciting! As long as you can be uninterrupted for the entire class duration, with good internet access that allows you to have zoom audio and video operating for the duration of class, you're all set. For Intuitive Anatomy you will need to log in to the online zoom seminar with 2 devices. Currently all of Vianna's ThetaHealing Seminars except You and the Earth, and Planes of Existence are available online. Contact me to request the dates that work for you if you don't see it scheduled yet for the classes you need.

I'm so excited that there are finally Instructor classes scheduled for Planes 2 and DNA4 part 1! These are in-person classes.
Vianna is still teaching the new Love of Self practitioner class, which can be taught online, another time in February, and I will be offering it too after taking the instructor class in August 2024. Check back for dates for these practitioner classes soon.

For the class schedule, please go here.

If you're new to ThetaHealing, start with these foundation courses which are prerequisites for all other ThetaHealing classes, Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper, and You and Creator:

Basic DNA:
Learn the Basics, or alphabet of ThetaHealing and become certified as a practitioner. Class is taught over 3 days with 6 hours per day, 4 days with 4 hours per day, or 5 days with 3.5 hours per day.
Begin your ThetaHealing journey here

Advanced DNA:
The next step in your ThetaHealing journey, learning the words of ThetaHealing. Class is taught over 3 days with 6 hours per day, 4 days with 4 hours per day, or 5 days with 3.5 hours per day.
Deepen and expand your practice and understanding of ThetaHealing with this seminar

Dig Deeper:
The next class after Advanced DNA, and prerequisite for all other ThetaHealing classes. Learn to put the words of ThetaHealing together. An intensive class focusing on the different approaches to "digging," the main tenant of ThetaHealing belief work and critical to a good session. Class is taught over 2 days with 6 hours per day, 3 days with 4 hours per day, or 4 days with 3.5 hours per day.
Learn several different "digging" techniques to make your work as a practitioner more efficient.

You and the Creator: Putting the sentences of ThetaHealing together eloquently. This class isn't required for all other ThetaHealing classes. Its a pre-requisite for ThetaHealing Instructor training, Intuitive Anatomy, DNA 4 and Planes 2. Beyond that, this class is recommended for anyone who really wants to understand the subconscious better and get to the deepest issues and clear them. Clear away confusion about whether or not you are able to connect to Creator, become more confident and certain your connection and learn even more digging skills to influence the subconscious. Class is taught over 2 days with 6 hours per day, 3 days with 4 hours per day, or 4 days with 3.5 hours per day.

You and Your Significant Other:
Combining deep genetic belief work with practical understanding of 27 important areas of relationships that many people are missing. While this class focuses on issues in romantic relationships, clearing the issues Brough up in this class can create powerful changes in many other areas of life, including business. Class is taught over 2 days with 6 hours per day, 3 days with 4 hours per day, or 4 days with 3.5 hours per day.

Growing Your Relationships Part 3- You and Your Inner Circle:
DNA 4 and Planes 2 Pre-Requisite- This seminar teaches a new understanding of the stages of development of the mind and the most important virtues for completing and moving through each stage and into our most enlightened selves. With this awareness we are better able to release betrayal issues see the truth of the people in our lives and make the best decisions about where people fit in our lives as well as attract new people who are completely supportive of us. By making the changes this seminar teaches, Vianna was able to increase her business.

Growing Your Relationships Part 4- You and the Earth:In Person only
2 Days- DNA 4 and Planes 2 Pre-Requisite- Learn a new process to go into a deeper meditation for more effective healings, a new understanding of what's really important from a ThetaHealing perspective, what Creator told Vianna, for helping the planet at this time, clear any resistance to or feeling out of place from being on this planet, and understand how much of a difference we really can make.

Animal Seminar:
1-2 Days- I'm so happy this class is online! Learn to communicate with and do belief work with animals, plus how they heal us, and what we can learn from them.

Disease and Disorder:
10 Days-
Learn about working with different diseases in this intensive seminar but most importantly we will clear fears regarding working with these diseases and any doubts that can block you as a healer from witnessing instant healings for your clients.

5 Days- Clear your beliefs about doing "the impossible," release deep resentments and witness new and greater miracles. In this seminar we work on allowing objects to move on their own, changing the weather, and realizing our purpose in changing the planet. Perhaps we are now in those times that this class was created for!

Game Of Life: Now Online
3 Days- Developed by a very successful ThetaHealer who was very successful in the corporate world before that. The Game of Life Seminar takes you through several key areas of life to resolve issues that were holding you back.

Intuitive Anatomy:
15 Class Days, You and The Creator Seminar is a prerequisite for the online seminar. The purpose of the class is to really develop the ability to see inside the body and recognize different conditions and become an even better healer. This seminar is also an amazing opportunity for major personal growth through releasing beliefs and emotions attached to different body systems that no longer serve you.

Manifesting and Abundance:
2-4 Days- Learn Manifesting with the ThetaHealing Technique to create the reality you want. In this seminar we also work on removing blocks to manifesting and and living our most fulfilling and joyful life possible.

Planes of Existence: In Person only
5 days- Vianna's favorite of all the ThetaHealing classes.. By learning the structure of the Planes of Existence, Vianna was shown that it was possible to create new realities in this lifetime and why she was creating difficult situations in her life. The Planes of Existence Seminars is the quantum mechanics of metaphysics. In this seminar, Vianna will take you into dimensions beyond this universe… to what she believes to be the beginnings of life itself.

Planes of Existence Two: In Person only
7 days- I took this class as soon as it was available in 2019, and again in 2021. It has evolved each time, and since then to an incredible deep dive intensive into understanding ourselves, the world around us and our connection to the planes. We now have 48 exercises, including rejuvenation and belief work with new ways of digging. And there is so much more to the class beyond that and what you might expect.

Plant Seminar:
1 Day- Dive into the mystical world of plants and the magic of the Second plane of existence. Learn how we are connected to trees and plants and how we heal each other.

Building Intuition (formerly titled Rainbow Children):

In Person only
4 or 5 Days- This class was named for the different groups of children being born with very strong intuitive gifts. The course is designed for children 7 and up young adults through early 20's who want to understand, grow and practice working with their intuitive gifts in a nurturing and safe environment. Parents are welcome to attend class with their children and this class is also open to indigos, crystals, and all adults.

Rhythm To A Perfect Weight:
Probably my most amazing physical healing with ThetaHealing was loosing measurable amounts of fat, three times. In this class we learn how our beliefs can affect our weight, and how to clear beliefs that are in the way of our fitness goals.

Soul Mate Seminar:
The Soulmate practitioner seminar helps you get clear on the different types of soul relationships and manifesting the most compatible soulmates. The seminar takes you through several exercises that are beneficial for your own relationships and for helping your clients with theirs.

World Relations Seminar:
5 Days- This amazing seminar helps you release deeply held fears, resentments and conflicting feelings about others that even the most loving and accepting person may have but is completely unaware of. It can be held in ancestral memories, DNA and soul memories. Become even more comfortable with yourself as you release blocks related to others who are different than yourself, which is the rest of the world.


First, I want Naomi to know how much I appreciate and love her. After the first day of DNA3 I was overwhelmed with love and gratitude for her and this class. I discovered in this class that DNA3 is a part of my divine timing and what a perfect time to take this class with her.
I have taken 3 advanced Thetahealing® classes with Naomi and she is one the kindest and considerate person I have met. She has a beautiful soul and spirit. It was in my first class with her, Disease and Disorders that I felt the energy of the Creator. It was amazing and it has been transformational for me as a theta healer.
I have taken classes in-person and online classes with Naomi and her energy is the same!
I have also taken World Relations with Naomi and I felt so supported in that class as we cleared beliefs around our relationships and our beliefs of the world. It is one of those classes I had put off taking as long as I could. I was afraid of being judged with any of my beliefs that may come up, but she was grounded, caring, and supported during this class which I loved. This unconditional love and support helped me clear so many beliefs both within myself and those I have inherited through my genetics.
I highly recommend working with Naomi whether in a class or in a private session. She is amazing and I believe she can help you also. Thank you, Naomi, for being in my life and may you be Blessed in your service to others through this amazing modality of Thetahealing®.
With all my love,
P.J., Texas, USA

I also want to pass on to you that upon return from North Carolina a few people (they didn't know where I was but noticed my absence) approached me. One stated "you look so healthy and relaxed", another one "you look so happy", and one exclaimed with total sincrety "you look younger, what did you do?". And I can confirm that upon returning and 'recovering' from the trip and letting the material settle in, that's exactly how I felt, and (mostly) still feel.

Thank you so much Naomi for being here and guiding so beautifully Intuitive Anatomy process. You really are a NATURAL and VERY INTUITIVE TEACHER. Felt safe, cared for and respected in your presence.
This is a wonderful course. It is vast in concept and the amount of information presented is staggering. It gives a lot of scope for practice and theory opportunities and is of immense value to any Theta Healing Practitioner.
Can’t quite fathom the depth of the transformation this course has had for me. I started this course with very little confidence that I will be able to intuitively “see” let alone “feel” what’s going on in the body. But I was pleasantly surprised, I can do all those things! :) My intuitive abilities were beautifully coaxed and encouraged. Wow – I am free to be me! I’m so looking forward to exploring this new dimension, and love the confidence I can/am feeling this with. Looking back to where I was and to where I am now, there’s an ocean of understanding, love and forgiveness. Thank you for an amazing experience and the opportunity to develop my skills.
A.A., Colorado, USA

Thank you for the wonderful course, [World Relations] It helped me to clear a lot ... Hope to see you again soon,
L., Israel

Dear Naomi, Thank you for your love, wisdom and support during the Rhythm Class. It was amazing! I felt so safe and guided the entire time and was able to release deep subconscious beliefs, with ease and grace that were really important for me to work on. With a laugh and a tear and so much relief, understanding, gratitude and kindness towards my physical body. I highly recommend you as a Thetahealing Practioner and Teacher. Thank you again so much!
M. M., Netherlands

I have had several classes with Naomi and she is a wonderful and inspiring teacher. I took the Intuitive anatomy class just recently and it was wonderful. There was so much about the human body that I did not know besides all the healing. The course content was fantastic and I cleared so much during the 15 days of class it felt like I lost 15 pounds, I felt so light when I got home. The pace of the learning and days off were perfect to have time to process too. I love her teaching style, and her support during and after class are fantastic. I would highly recommend and have recommended her to my friends for these Classes and healings sessions too.
R.M., South Carolina

After taking the Basic DNA course I went home to spend a few days with my parents. Normally when I'm home I get defensive, feel that I have to be on guard, and I can't really be myself. This time I was so present. I enjoyed my parents' company, and it was, by far, the best and least-draining trip home I've ever had. Everyone just seemed to be relaxed. What a beautiful thing! I credit this successful trip to the work I had just done with ThetaHealing.
M. J. W., North Carolina

Hi Naomi, first I want to say thank you for the amazing 4 days of theta healing seminars that I feel transformed me personally and also transformed my private practice.... I feel like a completely different person! I just feel happier and freer and lighter and more joyful! And I have such a different perspective with my clients now! So thank you for your professional and generous work you did!!
S. M., Connecticut


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